Keith Dietrich Award Exhibition

HINTERLANDS is an exhibition by the top graduates of the Department of Visual Arts, Stellenbosch University. The exhibition is hosted by the 2014 winners of the Keith Dietrich Award. This award is granted to final year Fine Art, Jewellery Design and Visual Communication Design students who complete their studio practice with distinction.

The exhibition will run from 1 June – 26 of June 2015.

The title of the exhibition Hinterlands has its origins in the German language and is mostly associated with human and political geography. One may broadly outline the hinterland as the interior of a country in relation to the coast and trade centres or the banks of major rivers; the area around or beyond a major town or port; an area lying beyond what is visible or known; a far-away land, a back country, or an undeveloped or unknown land. In each case it implies a particular relationship between the centre and periphery. Accordingly, the Hinterland underscores the journeys of these young artists from the centre into new and undiscovered lands.

The recipients of this award find themselves in a hinterland as they move from the ordered and familiar environment of the art institution to unknown lands and strange and unsettled spaces, spaces with new structures and canons. As young artists they may be described as hinterlands in themselves, unsure, undiscovered, and unfledged.

In contrast to the physical space of the Hinterland is the Innenland, or the interior private and personalised space of the individual. Hinterland could therefore also intimate the inner spaces of these artists and the potential that lingers there to be discovered, liberated and harnessed. Through their art they explore these spaces and express and reveal them to the world. This award exhibition is aimed at launching the careers of these emerging artists and encouraging their journeys into the art world, and we wish them all the best for their careers and their continued explorations. 

Professor Keith Dietrich


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