dis-assembling utopias

GUS invites you to the opening of ‘dis-assembling utopias’, a solo exhibition by Kendall Buster, sculptor and Professor in the Department of Sculpture and Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

Before pursuing an education in art, Kendall Buster studied microbiology receiving a BSc degree in Medical Technology. She then earned a BFA degree from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC and an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University in addition to participating in the Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Studio Program in New York City.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues nationally and internationally.

Buster is fascinated by the ways in which architectural structures embrace, contain, shelter, and frame the individuals who inhabit them. Her previous studies in microbiology and interest in the power dynamics of architectural spaces, have resulted in works informed by buildings both real and visionary, and by biological morphologies.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday 26 July. The exhibition opening takes place at 18:00 on Thursday 28 July 2016. Please join the artist and friends for a glass of wine.

Kendall Buster will host a walkabout at 16:00 on Thursday 28 July.


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