Surface Tension

An exhibition of paintings by students of Rhodes University

3 September – 27 September 2016

Exhibition opening by Nigel Mullins on Saturday 3 September at 11h30. Please join the artists and friends for a glass of wine.

Walkabout with the artists: Saturday 3 September at 10h00.

The seven painters exhibiting in Surface Tension are linked through the Rhodes University Fine Art Department’s Painting Section, supervised by Tanya Poole. They have all worked closely together with a noted intensity which has drawn national attention and continues beyond the bounds of the university.

All seven artists are working within the context of the discipline, discourse and history of painting and the preoccupation of surface and meaning. Painting itself, as a traditional medium, is not easy to reinvent as a consistently current language, one which can embrace a breadth of issues and a diversity of cultural backgrounds, yet it is exactly this challenge taken up by these painters that underpins the strength and rigour of Surface Tension.

Participating artists:

Callan Grecia
Matt Hazell
Lindi Lombard
Desmond Mnyila
Anthony Morton
Chemutai Ng’ok
Tanya Poole


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